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“The guys at National Sterling helped me pick a great company for my super to rollover and I haven't had a trouble ever since. ”
“I really didn't care much about my super or where it was placed until I met my adviser. He showed me that if the money was invested correctly in the right super fund, I wouldn't have to work when I hit around 60 so i can enjoy the later years of my life”
"The National Sterling adviser was patient with me and went through every little thing with my super and it was great advice, so I'm grateful for National Sterling. ”
“The guys at National Sterling helped me pick a great company for my super to rollover and I haven't had a trouble ever since. ”
"The financial adviser was exactly what my wife and I needed. He really showed us that investing in the right superannuation fund could yield very high dividends in the future. ”
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You may think that superannuation is just 9% of your salary that you can’t have access to. Superannuation is much more than that, it is a long term savings plan designed to help you save for retirement.

It’s not just about contributing more, it’s also about making the most of what you’ve already saved.

• Consolidate your super – 1 fund is better than 3
• Make your own contributions
• Make use of the Government co-contribution
• Salary Sacrifice
• Understand your investment strategy

Speak with one of our financial advisers today about how we can help you make the most of your superannuation.

Protecting Your Super


Market conditions can wipe out the gains of years worth of growth and capital investment in almost an instant.

We recognise this and prefer superannuation with a protected growth guarantee. This kind of superannuation protects your balance over time. If the market drops, then you don’t lose the gains that you’ve made in previous years.

Self Managed Super Funds


Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) are the fatest growing sector of the superannuation industry.

Also known as DIY funds they offer a level of control and flexibility that can be tailored specifically to your requirements, that cannot be matched by the retail superannuation funds.

Our services include:

• Setting up new self managed super funds
• Fund administration and compliance
• Investment advice

Property Through Super


One of the advantages of self managed super funds (SMSFs) is that you can invest directly in residential property through your super. Owning a residential investment property within your SMSF can be significantly more tax effective than investing in a property in your personal name.

• Tax advantages of investing through your SMSF.
• Gearing into property through your SMSF.
• Borrowing to invest in property can help your SMSF maintain an appropriate level of diversification within your fund.
• Arranging preparation of annual accounts and tax returns.

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