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"The investment property I purchased from National Sterling was outstanding and the rental income that I'm expected to receive is great.”
“National Sterling gave me a great investment property that I can afford and in a great area as well. ”
“The property I purchased is in such a great location and for the amount I paid for it was win/win. ”
Kerry and Betty

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As part of a comprehensive financial plan you will want to ensure that you’ve taken into account your investment objectives. Investing has its benefits because it actually provides employment for your money and ensures that you are making the most of your opportunities to create wealth for the future.

While some people are ready to invest now, investing is not for everyone. For example, you can’t invest if you don’t have anything to invest. This does not mean however that it shouldn’t be on your radar. At National Sterling, our long term goal is to be able to assist you with getting to a financial position where investment is possible. After all, financial planning is all about creating wealth, now and into the future.

Benefits of property investment


Direct property investment relates to investments held directly in real estate – that is an investment property that you own as an individual or within a group of investors.

Direct property investment has historically provided investors with attractive returns and lower risk when compared with some other investment options. Benefits of direct property investment are:

Reliable income streams
Tax advantages
Capital stability

Property through super


One of the advantages of self managed super funds (SMSFs) is that you can invest directly in residential property through your super. Owning a residential investment property within your SMSF can be significantly more tax effective than investing in a property in your personal name.

• Tax advantages of investing through your SMSF
• Gearing into property through your SMSF
• Borrowing to invest in property can help your SMSF maintain an appropriate level of diversification within your fund.

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